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Digital fluency and the future of work – panel discussion


Christine McLeod, Cheryl Chan, Andy Jankowski - panel discussion

Andy Jankowski, Cheryl Cran and Christine McLeod shared their insights on the future of work dynamic, corporate culture and digital fluency. Here are the main takeaways.


 On work meetings:

  • Rethink meetings. How can you use digital tools to disrupt meeting processes to open opportunity for better interactions and more creativity?
  • Digital tools can allow you to store, save, search and update meetings and discussion making an online meeting a richer experience over a longer period of time.


On changing corporate culture:

  • How do you know you are on the right track? When a manager says: ‘it’s my fault’ – when they see how their own actions are reflected in what is happening, when the senior levels get it and when they are open to crowdsourcing from employees and take the advice given! Tie competitive necessity to employee engagement through digital strategies.


On work spaces:

  • Why do some of the big tech companies do everything to try to keep people in the office rather than collaborating online? They are making it a place of forced collaboration – large open work areas and supports such as dry cleaning service mean less reason to leave work. Is this a bad idea? Perhaps, as this is all experimental – the model might not work for everyone or every company and there is no saying they will stick with it. There are benefits to working closely but also in having a bit of space to work independently.
  • The future of work might not be these collaborative open spaces. You need to know what is right for your culture. To find this out, we need to stop managing people and start managing results. How you deliver the results is not dependent on where someone is or when they work. Focus on the results and let people get to it in their own way.


On cultural innovation:

  • Diversity is all about different perspectives and getting as many ideas brainstorming in a project as possible; it is key to the success of the future of work. Work is diversified through cross-pollination of global cultural ideas.


On specialization versus generalization:

  • There is place for both types of people in the workplace; it all depends on the size of the organization and its requirements. Also remember that with generalization comes managing opportunities.
  • Sharing skill development between departments is a trend, this helps everyone understand all the work being done, increasing the value and innovation of the overall work.


On digital fluency:

  • In the next twelve months we will finally come to a point where we stop talking about it and start doing it; even conservative organizations will be moving to new processes, fixing cultures and ways of working.

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