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Powered by content: how content done right fuels social business


Rahel Anne Bailie, Intentional Design

“We are not creating content, we are creating trust”

Rahel Anne Bailey pointed out that when creating content, your primary objective is to gain trust. Once you have the trust of consumers, it’s more likely that you’ll see their business.

But how do you get there??

Bailey points out that you create trust through content and context. Consumers constantly have access to content overload. There are a multitude of sources coming at them from social media, entertainment media, emails, phone calls, and advertisements. People filter through this noise to find information that they define as being both relevant and resonating with their own personal interests.

The ‘cocktail party effect’

Bailey uses the cocktail party analogy to illustrate how content consumers filter and focus while building a relationship of trust. In this example, you are talking to someone at a crowded party. As you’re talking you filter out the noise from all the other people in the room – someone may yell your name but you won’t hear them because you’re tuned into your conversation.

At the party you look for topics that you can use to connect with the other person  – to create a comfortable environment underscored with trust. Similarly, when a consumer visits a businesses website they must begin to trust before they will engage in the conversation and tune out the surrounding noise.

Memories stick, so make the first impression a good one

Businesses must have the right message, on the right medium, at the right time.

They must make a positive first impression and catch peoples’ attention. It’s very possible to go unnoticed or to cause bad experiences. If a person has one negative experience, they remember it and avoid future engagement to protect themselves.

So help people trust you!

Even though customers may claim they don’t care about social in a business context, they actually do. They want personalized content; something that influences them to make an actual BUYING decision.

“Is your social really social?”

Do you have a brand-building strategy that people are responding to, or is it just one-way communication channel? There has to be a conversation happening, otherwise it’s just advertising and within a social context you run the risk that consumers will lose their trust and instead fear being manipulated or avoid browsing the content completely.


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