About dStrategy Media

Andrea Hadley
Partner and President

Kelly Kubrick
Partner and Vice President

Digital Strategy Conference is produced by dStrategy Media, co-founded by entrepreneur, marketer and industry advocate Andrea Hadley, and digital strategist and analytics professional Kelly Kubrick, on our observed need for “digital defragmentation”.

We’ve watched senior managers and directors become increasingly overwhelmed by never-ending tactical opportunities for digital, and noted a lack of framework to address organizational expectations and readiness around digital.

As experienced digital practitioners, we believe there is an opportunity for our collective community to bring perspective across the digital landscape. We believe in in-depth educational experiences that bring together – and resolve the conflicts between – business, marketing, communications and technology groups. We believe that digital impacts horizontally across function, and that its lessons can be leveraged across sector and industry.

We provide practical, relevant and applicable insights and education, while encouraging discussion, knowledge and solution sharing with peers.

dStrategy Media produces events and publishes web sites that help our audiences achieve perspective. dStrategy Media was created to provide you with perspective so that you can better execute, take action and deliver success within your organization. We achieve this through our brands including:

In addition to our in-depth domain expertise – from the early days of e-commerce, online customer service, email and search marketing, community management right through to today’s world of content strategy, the social business and 24/7 anywhere and everywhere connectivity, we have developed bench-strength in producing events and developing communities – finding and bringing together those who can change the direction of an industry for the better of all.

Contact us today to learn more about getting involved in dStrategy Media’s Digital Strategy Conference.

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