Take a Deep Dive into Digital Strategy

Get 3-days of educational sessions delivered by industry leaders and learn the essentials of digital strategy.

  • Yesterday we asked how to sell online. Today we ask how do we use “digital” to improve the business overall.
  • Yesterday, we were limited by bandwidth and critical mass. Today, we are overwhelmed with media choices, platforms and new channels.

Today, the way consumers interact, learn and share has outpaced business!

If an organization is not prepared with the insight, capabilities and resources necessary to meet its customers’ needs, then it is at risk of becoming irrelevant. The Digital Strategy Conference is where managers and directors along with their digital teams prepare to meet their customers’ needs.

Why attend the Digital Strategy Conference?

A digital strategy is NOT the launch of an advertising campaign or a mobile application; it is much bigger and more important than any one sales, marketing or communication tactic. Attend and learn:

  • Context and perspective on the digital landscape and explosion of new opportunities.
  • Lessons from experts on how to evaluate those opportunities and select the path that aligns best with your organization.
  • Best practices, as well as examples of how other directors are managing the successful implementation of their digital initiatives.

What will I learn?

  • Digital strategy definition and models
  • How-to assess digital maturity
  • Data strategy fundamentals
  • Performance measurement and digital analytics essentials
  • Content Strategy – content, technology and experience
  • Paid, Owned and Earned Media – the pillars of digital marketing
  • Case studies and applied learning through exercises and check lists

Register! Vancouver April 29 – May1

Because digital impacts across the organization, we encourage a cross-functional team approach – so register early, bring the team and save!